Advisory Council


The Advisory Council advises and counsels the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Foundation Office on issues relations to patient relations, communications and community events. The Council reports to the NCH Board of Trustees through the Executive Director of the Foundation on a quarterly basis. In this role, the NCH Advisory Council acts as a liaison between the community and the Board of Trustees for patient relations, communications and community events.

Council Composition:

The Advisory Council will consist of members of the community, both seasonal and year round, who are not currently members of the Board of Trustees. Every attempt will be made to provide the greatest representation of the total community. The Council will be led by a Chair appointment by the Governance Committee.

Current Members:

  Mrs. Nathan R. Allen, Jr. Allyson Mitchell
  Stephen C. Anderson* G. Nicholas Miller
  Margaretta S. Andrews* Tina Craig Moore
  Charles L. Balas* Elizabeth Murray*
  Amy C. Baxter Peter W. Nash*
  Roger W. Block Nancy Newhouse
  Patricia Bridier* Henry Petzel*
  Judith A. Brust Mona Ray
  Lisa Winston Callahan Jeanne W. Riggs
  Bernard L. Coffin Alfred Sanford, III*
  Kathy Costa Eric Z. Silfen, M.D.
  Heidi Cox Liz Shannon
  William H. Crispin Barbara Beinecke Spitler
  Mrs. Sheila B. Daume Scott M. Stearns, Jr.*
  Mrs. George Fowlkes* Louise Swift
  Brenda A. Garnett Robert L. Taylor*
  Garret A. Gifford* Ted Taylor
  Donna Hamel Judith C. Tolsdorf
  Susan Heard Cathy Ward
  Mrs. Robert R. Larsen John N. Welch*
  Jeffrey S. Lockhart Francis M. Weld, M.D.
  PJ Martin Smith Lewis T. Winger*
  Mary McAuliffe           * Life Members
Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare.