Create a Tribute Page to honor a loved one at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

Create your own Tribute page to fund the work of Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Nantucket Cottage Hospital Tributes allow family members or friends to create dedicated web pages in tribute to their loved ones. The tribute might be in memory of a loved one who has died or to honor an individual or couples on special occasions, such as weddings or significant anniversaries.

Each page tells the story of your honoree and provides the opportunity to make an online donation to Nantucket Cottage Hospital in their honor or in their memory.

Share what matters to you

  • Tell your story about the fund honoree and why you are such a strong supporter of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.
  • Upload a digital photo of the person to be featured on the Fund Web Page.
  • Provide the street and email address of the fund Honoree, or a designated Next of Kin contact, that can be notified when gifts are made to the fund.
  • Designate the proceeds of the fund to the Hospital’s Annual Fund for general operating expenses, or, if you would prefer, to a specific department, or program or service provided by the Hospital.
  • Review and agree to a waiver that states you have the permission of the Honoree, or the Honoree’s family, to create the Fund Web Page.
  • Provide a personal donation as the Initial Gift to the fund.

Easily invite your family and friends

After creating the fund, you can personalize your Fund Web Page, send emails to your family and friends to ask them to visit your fund, and more.

Why create a Tribute Fund?

The money you raise will make a difference for Nantucket Cottage Hospital as we continue to strive to improve the quality of healthcare with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology and quality facilities, programs and services in a compassionate and caring environment for our year-round residents and seasonal visitors.

Getting Started

Please submit our online form and we will get back to you or contact the Foundation Office.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare.