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Nantucket Cottage Hospital offers nutrition services to both inpatients and outpatients. Nutrition counseling by a registered dietician is available for adherence to medically indicated diets for diagnoses relating to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Counseling regarding weight loss, stress management and wellness is also available on an ongoing basis to support lifestyle changes that may need to be made.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital provides nutrition education by staffing a qualified Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator. The dietician is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to help you adhere to medically indicated diets. The dietician may visit you as an inpatient in regard to any dietary restrictions, supplements or other nutritional concerns. You may also make an appointment as an outpatient for the dietician to help with your self-management of diabetes, heart disease, weight loss or other diagnosis

A certified diabetes educator is available to provide extensive diabetes education. She is trained in both insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring. A diabetes support group is run once per month at the hospital.

Please contact our Nutrition Department with any questions or to set up an appointment. Check our online calendar for a schedule of Weight Loss and Diabetes Support Group meetings.



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Nantucket Cottage Hospital Nutritional Services
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