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$200,000 Marks Largest Gift in Shop's History

     November 2013

     Whether it was a pair of socks for 25 cents, a $15 vacuum cleaner,

     or a dresser for $50, it all added up over a busy summer season at the

     Hospital Thrift Shop. Their record-breaking $200,000 donation is the

     largest gift in its 84-year history on the island. 

     See the press release here


Thrift Shop Sets Record with 2012 Donation

     November 2012

     The Thrift Shop makes record year-end donations to the

     hospital and Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket

     See the press release here


Yesterday's Island Spotlights The Shop As "An Island Institution"

     September 2012

     "You never know what treasures you'll discover stepping   

     into the old house at 17 India Street."

     See the article here


Coastal Living's Nantucket Insider Guide

     Coastal Living Magazine takes a look at the magic of historic
     Nantucket and visits the Hospital Thrift Shop along the

     way. See Coastal Living's article here Reviews the Thrift Shop

     March 2012 goes under cover to explore the

     Thrift Shop and determines that it is "an unlikely and little-

     known home to a killer selection of fiction and non fiction

     [books]." See their full review here


Thrift Shop Has Banner Season, Raises $130,000

     November 17, 2011

     The Hospital Thrift Shop raised over $130,000 in 2011, a

     tremendous donation for the charitable organization

     founded in 1929.See the full article in the Inquirer and Mirror here


Nantucket Eye on Style - NCH Thrift Shop

     June 9, 2011

     Yesterday's Island featured the Thrift Store in their

     Nantucket Eye on Style section, comparing the Thrift

     Store to "entering a treasure trove in someone's attic."

     See the Yesterday's Island article and photos here


Newsday Travel - Nantucket on the Cheap

     May 13 , 2011

     Newsday outlines twelve tips for visiting Nantucket on a

     budget, including a visit to the Hospital Thrift Shop.

     See their travel tips here


Thrifty Shopping on Nantucket

     February 24, 2009

     PlumTV's Nantucket Insider Blog explains that a visit to the

     Thrift Shop is a"must-do when you're shopping on

     Nantucket." See PlumTV's article here


Nantucket Historical Association Highlights the Community's Need for the Thrift Shop

     Originally published Winter 1991

     The Thrift Shop's role in funding Nantucket's much-needed

     hospital makes it one of the first island businesses organized

     for the sole purpose of helping the community.

     See the historic article by visiting the NHA's website here





Lisa Frey / Nantucket Event Media

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare.